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3 Key Components in Outsource IRR Analysis

Posted by Tom Parsons on 10/19/17 3:24 PM
Tom Parsons
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The October 2017 issue of ICBA Independent Banker features Dave Wicklund and his views on selecting a service provider for outsourcing your IRR analysis. You can find the article on page 57.

Dave is a former FDIC senior bank examiner and capital markets specialist. His article discusses the three key components necessary for a successful (and exam-proof) IRR model.

"The absolutes in any IRR model include the 2Q assumption development method - qualitative & quantitative - paired with a robust IRR software system."

Download your copy or visit Independent Banker to read the complete article and learn more about outsourcing essentials.

After that, schedule a free consultation with Dave to learn how outsourcing your IRR analysis might work for you.

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