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Posted by Tom Parsons on 10/19/16 2:07 PM
Tom Parsons

You've seen the Home Depot ad: "More Doing," and we agree. We think it's time for more doing, or in Plansmith parlance, execution. But what exactly do we mean?

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For more years than we are willing to count, Plansmith has been associated with Asset Liability Management software (ALM) for banks and credit unions. And it's been good to us. But planning is in our name and ALM places a big focus on the past. That's why we are getting ready to roll out something bigger. More than banking software (although we won't abandon our roots) and more than the stellar service we are known for, we're preparing to bring these assets together and give banks the guidance they are looking for to ensure sustained quality earnings far into the future.

 Basis Points

Think, Plan, Execute is the foundation that leads to more basis points for your bank. Look for updates on our blog as we prepare to roll out a new product and service. Better yet, subscribe to our blog and get updates sent to your inbox - including new, relevant banking industry posts. 


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