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3 Reasons Outsourcing Your IRR is the Smart Choice

Posted by Megan Plis on 1/17/18 2:55 PM
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Smart choice - that's a bold statement. But believe me, I wouldn't use those words if it weren't the truth.

The truth is, banks and credit unions don't have unlimited funds of either money or time.

As regulators increase expectations and demand more from community organizations and multi-state institutions alike, bankers feel the pressure.

Luckily, there's a fairly simple solution that offers quick relief.

There's a laundry list of reasons to outsource your IRR, but here are three reasons it's the smart choice in 2018.




3 Reasons Outsourcing Your IRR is the Obvious Choice

1. Saves Time

This blog is all about obvious reasons outsourcing is a smart choice, and number one is no exception. Outsourcing your bank or credit union's IRR to Plansmith saves time. And if I know anything about bankers, time is the most precious asset, so any savings is worth its weight in gold. Or bitcoin - not sure which is a better analogy at the moment.

2. Saves Money

Believe it or not, outsourcing your IRR can save your institution money. How? Since interest rate risk is what our experts specialize in, we get it done fast and right. That means you don't lose man hours and get to focus on what you do best - banking and focusing on customer/member experience. Time is your most valuable asset, and it's expensive. Outsourcing IRR is the smart choice.

3. Builds Confidence

Exams can be intense. There's a lot to prep for, and there are so many unknowns once the process has started. When you outsource your IRR to Plansmith, you have the confidence that your numbers were prepared by a former FDIC examiner. If you have any questions during your exam, simply call our experts for support. We understand how stressful exams can be, and seek to provide a smooth experience. When you're confident in your numbers, your overall confidence builds.

If outsourcing sounds like a good fit for your bank or credit union, click here to email Dave Wicklund or here to book a time to talk.




Or, if you'd like to learn more reasons to outsource your IRR, watch this webinar.

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