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Community Bank & Credit Union Forum: Compass Roundtable 2015

Posted by Jennifer Mello on 1/7/16 2:00 PM

A Note to Attendees

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 Financial Compass Roundtable! The ideas and information shared with your peers is invaluable. We appreciate that you took the day to help inspire each other with different strategies for planning within your community banks and credit unions.

Networking & Knowledge

Talking with your peers… is there really any better way to get the “knowledge is power” feeling? Peer discussions help reaffirm the path you’re on or give you the confidence to try something new.  They can even help answer difficult questions like: am I on the right track with bank budgeting, is there a better way to do it, am I really getting the most out of it?

The success of a peer group discussion is solely dependent on your participation and willingness to ask questions – we couldn’t have had a better group to do just that. There were ideas explored on all sorts of topics, including: community bank backtesting, assumption sensitivity, long term strategy planning, amongst many others.  We were all able to take that information with us and apply it to our practices….only time can tell of its successes!

Going into 2016

Although the Roundtable is only fit for a limited audience, our hope is to move around the country so everyone can benefit if they can’t travel to our offices. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future events.  In the meantime, PLEASE let us know if you would be interested in a peer group for your region!

Warm Regards,

Jenny Mello

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