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Gratitude in Crisis Times

Posted by Megan Plis on 9/2/20 2:36 PM
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There’s something about summer that always represents freedom to me. It could be the Fourth of July resonating past the day of, or it could be the warm weather and carefree attitude that comes with it. Maybe it’s the road trips we take and barbecues we host with friends and family. Maybe it’s the trips to the pool or the beach. Maybe it’s the general sense of enjoyment that we try to soak up before the weather gets crisp again.


But this year, it’s a little different. I’m not sure that freedom is the summer sensation any of us are feeling.

However, there is one feeling I seem to dwell on more often than not as of late – and sometimes, it surprises me considering the circumstances.

Although I always love my job and my company, I find myself especially grateful during the uncertain times presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel blessed to work for a company who sees me as more than just a number, and prioritizes not only my physical well-being, but my financial well-being. I have been taken care of in the same ways I was prior to the political and economic shifts – and I am grateful.

In that same attitude, most days as I sit at my desk working away, my mind wanders to gratitude for the clients who trust us and our software to help guide them through these tough times. I recently spoke with a CFO who uses our software to quickly test what-ifs for PPP loans. It’s incredible how the partnerships we’ve formed with our clients play out in integral ways, even in the face of a global pandemic.

We truly understand that nothing is normal. We’re all adapting to a new temporary normal, but there’s something comforting about having experts to lean on when chaos seems to be lurking from every direction. In the same ways I lean on my company for stability, our clients lean on us for trusted support when unknown questions and unknowns come up. As a Plansmith client, you can trust that we will be there for you no matter what’s going on in the world. From examiners’ questions to new regulations, we have your back – we’re only a phone call away.

Lastly and most importantly, in the overwhelming spirit of gratitude, I’m grateful for all of the work our clients are doing to help their communities recover and thrive in the face of adversity. We recognize that community bankers are working around the clock to ensure businesses are funded and families are financially supported. We see you, the work you are doing, and we salute you.

Click to read what our client banks and credit unions are doing to help their communities overcome the challenges presented by the crisis.

I echo our Chairman & CEO Craig Hartman’s sentiments:

“Out of every crisis comes stories of kindness and caring, and the current crisis has been no different. We've been hearing wonderful stories of how credit unions have been doing their part to alleviate some of the difficulties in their communities. We would love to hear from you. Tell us about something your organization has done for its employees, customers, or community to assist in these troubling times.”

If you’re willing to share your stories, please click here to submit them.

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