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Ireland Bank: Community Banking Month Award Recipient

Posted by Megan Plis on 4/27/16 11:30 AM
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We are pleased to announce Ireland Bank - Malad City, ID  as our fourth and final April 2016 Community Banking Month winner!

Commitment to community has to be bank-wide and supported from the top in order to be truly successful. After reading Ireland Bank's story, that's exactly the case. It is exciting to see a bank so passionate about community that the President & CEO sets an expectation for local involvement--what a great example of living a core value!

From volunteering meeting rooms for local organizations, to donating hours at a hometown food bank, Ireland Bank sets the standard for making a visible, valuable impact in the community.

Plansmith is honored to have Ireland Bank as our client since 2003 and to name them a Community Banking Month award recipient. Thank you for sharing your story; your efforts are nothing short of inspiring!

Please enjoy Ireland Bank’s winning entry below:

As Idaho’s oldest state chartered bank, Ireland Bank takes pride in having its employees actively involved in all the communities that it serves. CEO & President Bruce Lowry has high expectations that all officers seek out opportunities to serve on local boards or be involved in municipal, charitable, and business organizations. He strives to set the example by being actively involved in the Oneida County Deputies Organization and provides the bank’s training room for their meetings. Branch managers and their coworkers are expected to participate in community events or charitable activities on at least a quarterly basis. With so many employees helping to improve their communities by volunteering and serving, many people in these communities just refer to Ireland Bank as “The Bank” even though larger regional or national banks may have branches in the area.

Chartered in 1892 and named after the prominent founding member, Ireland Bank’s 14 branches spread across rural southeast and central Idaho. This traditional community bank exhibits a deep commitment to the communities it serves. From helping kids learn to save at the elementary schools, to sponsoring high school events, to volunteering service hours, to serving on vital community boards, the employees of Ireland Bank are truly dedicated to their communities.

One great example is Heidi, a branch manager in one of the larger communities, recognized the opportunity to help at the Idaho Foodbank. Since then, her staff has volunteered many hours assisting as needed. It’s always great to see the recognition for the bank and its employees in the local newspaper after successfully completing a project for the Foodbank. Cheryl, Ireland Bank’s COO, declared:

“Heidi and her crew exemplify Ireland Bank’s commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. We truly appreciate their willingness to take time out of their lives to volunteer for these projects and value the service they provide both inside and outside the bank.”

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