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Marketing to the Inundated Customer

Posted by Megan Plis on 8/1/17 1:04 PM
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2017 is all about the inundated consumer. They’re inundated with emails, text messages, billboards, direct mail, social networks, etc. And, most of these from a variety of audiences: work, personal, blanket marketing, and marketing of things they actually care about. Their brain is left with the job of sorting through it all. It’s exhausting and beyond cluttered.
Think of marketing in 2017 like your house after a big family 4th of July party – it’s a mess, and you’re stuck searching for the unused plates and food that’s still good. Don’t be the bank or credit union that contributes to the chaos. Instead, be the company that provides the message of clarity that helps them get through the cleanup. Give the people what they need!
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But how? That’s the golden question, and thankfully, there’s a robust answer.
The biggest trend in modern promotion is content marketing. It’s a method of advertising rooted in education that provides prospective consumers with real value, most often for free. Things like ebooks, infographics, webinars, blogs – all created and distributed with the intent of educating the consumer and addressing their pain points.
Most often it doesn’t even involve speaking human-to-human!
When you adopt a value-driven marketing method like content marketing, you’re reaching through the clutter, building trust with the consumer, and showing you are the one to put an end to their struggles.
And that’s where social media comes in: it’s the vehicle to deliver this value to those who need it most.
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Learn more about how your bank or credit union can embrace inbound marketing, check out episodes 98-100 on the Bank On It podcast by John Siracusa.

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