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One Less Thing to Worry About

Posted by Megan Plis on 10/9/19 4:59 PM
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After almost 50 years in the biz, we've learned a thing or two about banking. And since most of our employees have spent time in the industry, we know the heavy hitters that keep bankers up at night.

That's why we designed our business around one specific goal: giving our clients one less thing to worry about.

In our years, we've found that two major stressors for financial institutions are budgeting and interest rate risk.

So, we dedicated our time to creating software and service solutions to eliminate the stress of budgeting and IRR. Our programs save bankers time and headaches, and allow them to get back to their core business: serving their local communities.

Most bankers shudder at the idea of having to report to regulators. At Plansmith, we make it easy to get the information you need ready for exams.


Every financial institution is made up of buckets of numbers. These numbers are important, but getting them from spreadsheets to telling an actual story is easier said than done.

Our Compass software aggregates your numbers into agile reports that can easily be graphed, adjusted, and exported - all at the touch of a few buttons.

If it sounds too simple, well, that's the point. Let us worry about the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of our number crunching.

And if you have any questions about your reports? Just give us a call - a real person will pick up the phone and gladly walk you through what you're experiencing.


Risk is a reality bankers must deal with daily. Our software solutions and advisory services help financial institutions avoid risk, meet regulatory requirements, and prepare for exams.

In addition to our Compass software, which can be used to track interest rate risk and test assumptions, we have former FDIC and NCUA Examiners on staff to provide expert advisory services where needed. 

And if the idea of conducting your own asset liability management in-house sounds too daunting, we offer the option to fully outsource your risk management to our knowledgeable team.


As times have changed and requirements have gotten more demanding, we've added new offerings to help meet client needs.

We've partnered with BankTrends to create a CECL solution that can be used on its own, or linked up directly with our Compass software. With Plansmith, you'll be ready when CECL is rolled out.


In addition to new requirements, we recognize that solid business practices are crucial to a financial institution's long-term success and never go out of style.

Our strategy solution will help your financial institution build a playbook to compete, earn, and grow in an ever-changing marketplace.

In fact, we use it at Plansmith to keep our goals on track, assign accountability, and report updates during our monthly strategy meetings. It's benefited our organization by increasing transparency of the status of each corporate initiative, and allowing us to regularly adjust resource allocations and expectations company-wide.

If you're ready to have one less thing to worry about, click here to schedule a discovery call.

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