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Turn Your Budget into Action

Posted by Bill Smith on 1/9/20 11:05 AM

A budget without a Playbook is just numbers on a page.

You know what your targets are but you also need to define how you will get there.  A Playbook defines the actions needed for success, and the people who will manage the process.

But many managers say they just don’t have the time or resources.

Plansmith’s Playbook is a simple online platform to help you create clearly defined initiatives, track progress, and reach your targets by creating an action plan for your budget.

Click here to watch a short video or keep reading to learn more.

Use the Playbook to

  • Identify key objectives

Decide upon the specific objectives, both financial and non-financial, that will maximize performance.

  • Develop initiatives

Discuss specific projects and actions that will contribute to each objective. Assign ownership, start- and end-dates for each action item.

  • Communicate

Use built-in tools to communicate assignments to appropriate team members.

  • Track progress

Easily track and update progress on each objective and initiative throughout the year, using built-in reports and automated e-mails.

  • Modify as needed

The Playbook makes it easy to revise targets and objectives to keep them real, and to take advantage of changes throughout the year.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works. Click here to watch via video, or keep reading!

Simply click the “+” button to add a new initiative, assign responsibility to an Owner, and set a start and end date. Save it.  Notify the owner and you’re done!

No need to chase down task owners for updates. Click to send email reminders that allow your team to report progress without even logging in.

All playbook initiatives are readily accessible.

Click to view them and collaborate with your team so your playbook is always current. Move the slider to update the completion %, or progress, of the initiative then add a brief note to explain the change. Initiative status icons depict timeliness in completing the initiative compared to deadline.

Using the playbook at annual planning time and throughout the year will add the power of strategic direction and accountability to your budgeting process. We believe that you will not only get better results on the objectives you have now, but also discover new ways to achieve your objectives throughout the future.

Click here to contact us or give us a call at 800-323-3281 to learn more.

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