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Why “E-Learning” Is Succeeding

Posted by Bill Smith on 7/10/18 10:12 AM

“E-Learning” is rapidly expanding here at Plansmith and client comments have been very positive. Right now there are more than 50 different sessions available and many more sessions are in development.

Why has the “E-Learning” approach been so popular, especially since Plansmith has always provided such a high level of live, personal support and is committed to continuing that?

Sal Khan, founder of the video learning company Khan Academy, cites four reasons in a Ted talk:

  1. You can pause and repeat any part of a presentation at any time.
  2. You can review sections as many times as you want without embarrassment.
  3. You can access these session at your own time (24 – 7) and your own place (world- wide).
  4. You never have to answer “Do you understand this?”

Our Plansmith sessions are evolving from comprehensive topics covered in up to an hour, to tighter topics covered in 5 to 15 minutes.

Currently, the BankersGPS sessions are available right in the application by clicking the movie icon in the upper right section of the screen. The menu will reflect just the sessions relating to the specific module activated – Forecast, Competitive or Risk.

Compass sessions can be viewed from the Plansmith website. You may need a password. Just give Compass support a call or email to get yours.

Click here for the website link.

We’d love to see your comments and feedback on “E-Learning.”

What do you think about the approach? How long should sessions be? Are you using other video training at your institution? What topics would you like to see?

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