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1st Community Bank: Community Banking Month Award Recipient

Posted by Megan Plis Knapp on 4/6/16 9:30 AM

We are pleased to announce 1st Community Bank as our first Community Banking Month winner!

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Community Banks: Fun with Funds Transfer Pricing, Part II

Posted by Tom Parsons on 3/23/16 12:00 PM

In the previous post we explored the concept of funds transfer pricing (FTP), but only on the surface level. Now for the good stuff: how should the FTP rate be assigned? Well, in a number of ways from the simple to the complex. Like a lot of things in life, simple means fast, easy, less data, good enough; whereas complex requires lots of patience and data for a little more accuracy.

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5 Things Your Community Bank's Website Needs

Posted by Megan Plis Knapp on 3/3/16 9:00 AM

Your community bank has a website. You hired a FinTech professional to make it look great. Chances are you're ready to take the Internet banking world by storm. But just to make sure, check that you've got these five things employed (and visible!) on your site. You'd be surprised how many seemingly perfect websites are missing out on these vital opportunities!

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CEOs: 3 Important Thoughts on FinTech and Community Banking for 2016

Posted by Tom Parsons on 1/19/16 12:30 PM

As a CEO or CFO of a community bank, you are well aware that mega banking institutions are investing heavily in innovative technologies designed to take customers away from you. Having serviced the industry for over 25 years, I've seen many changes, but none as profound as outlined in two recent articles highlighting the impact of FinTech.

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Community Bank & Credit Union Forum: Compass Roundtable 2015

Posted by Jennifer Mello on 1/7/16 2:00 PM

A Note to Attendees

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Get Your Community Bank Started with Social Media Marketing

Posted by Tom Parsons on 12/15/15 3:00 PM

For #CommunityBankers who are curious

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Community Banks: The Indiana Jones Sword vs. Gun Theory

Posted by Tom Parsons on 12/1/15 12:30 PM

"In the 1981 film, "Raiders of the Lost Ark", one particular scene consistently brings the house down: Indiana Jones, having survived an elaborate chase through a casbah, is confronted by a swordsman whipping through a flashy routine with a scimitar. Indy initially squares off against the deadly swordsman bearing only his trademark whip in his hands; then with a look of infinite fatigue and disgust, he casually pulls out his revolver and blows the bad guy away." (Credit for text:

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Twitter for Community Banks: Now I'm A Believer

Posted by Danielle Slowey on 11/5/15 3:00 PM

I’ll be honest, I was never a Twitter fan. I always thought, “I don’t have the time to sit on Twitter all day and read every single thing someone has to say in under 140 characters.”But then…I became a believer.

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Community Banks: Fun with Funds Transfer Pricing, Part I

Posted by Tom Parsons on 10/13/15 3:00 PM

Yep, the 90s. It was all the rage and I jumped on board like a millennial on the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well scene – I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I want to say I was there.

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Five Pillars of a Productive Community Bank Planning Process

Posted by Craig Hartman on 8/25/15 2:30 PM

Plansmith has been building financial planning software for community banks for over 45 years. More than just coding keystrokes and calculations, though, we understand the real process of planning and build systems that seamlessly integrate into that process.

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